Lost & Found
YAP Records

  • 1 Bring Out The Datarockers
  • 2 Playing A Line Using Quarter Notes And Eight Notes
  • 3 P800
  • 4 Bergen Brew Blues
  • 5 Jeans For Arne Olav
  • 6 How Could You
  • 7 Don't You Know
  • 8 Hair
  • 9 Get Yourself A Datarocker
  • 10 Transformers Theme
  • 11 Chamonix & Paris
  • 12 L'Amour du Metro
  • 13 C'est La Vie
  • 14 Gare De Lyon
  • 15 Stay Easy
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The story of DATAROCK

Four friends formed DATAROCK on a rainy afternoon under a tree on top of a mountain in Bergen, Norway. It was the first summer of a brand new millennium, and the boys were getting into the groove at an outdoor festival of electronic music. Inspired by the heat of the moment, the boys made a life changing decision and came rolling down the mountainside with a tablet of stone engraved with a single word - DATAROCK.

Press contacts

Merchandise contact

Kristin Egset Kjøde — kristin@datarock.no

Booking contacts

Norway / Sweden / Denmark

Thomas Paulsen - thomas@standingovation.no


Ian Fintak - ifintak@apa-agency.com


Renee Rudolf - renee@xiiitouring.com


Fredrik Saroea - fredrik@datarock.no

Business Manager
Kristin Egset Kjøde - kristin@datarock.no